In Festivals Now: West of Leona


Christopher James Thompson is a writer/director in Austin, Texas.  Christopher has spent 14 years in the Austin area honing the craft of filmmaking. In late 2016 he assembled a team to film a narrative short called WEST OF LEONA, which raised seed money on indigogo and then received in-kind contributions from professional production houses.  WEST OF LEONA was  filmed in April 2017 in Marfa, Texas and the surrounding area with a crew of 13, and is currently in post-production for the 2018 festival circuit. His vision encompasses the struggle to make sense of one’s self after a broken relationship and how hard it is to find your own identity. Thematic Threads: WEST OF LEONA explores the human condition by showcasing an individual whose failure, mistakes, and despair precede a final moment of clarity.

Christopher Thompson is also the VP of AMFM Studios LLC, an umbrella media company that encompasses Film Production, Photography, and AMFM Magazine™ – the Voice Of The Artist.