Turn your raw video footage into a story with serious wow power with the help of a professional video editor. The personal and professional use of video on social media is continuing to grow; in fact, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, by 2019, video will account for 80 percent of global internet traffic. Are you ready? By hiring a professional video editor to polish your video footage, you can stay well ahead of this curve with style. Video editing is part of the post-production process that refines and perfects raw video footage from an overly long or choppy recording of an event or commercial work into a polished story that will engage and inform viewers. Video editors may be freelance, or may work with media companies that provide all-inclusive services ranging from videography to commercial recording space to all your post-production needs. Video production companies and independent professionals can edit any type of video footage that you have using professional editing software.

You can have any type of video footage edited to become something marvelous. For personal use, you can edit footage from your wedding, your home videos of the kids as they grow, dream vacations, sporting events, family reunions, celebrations of life and wakes, high school or college graduation, recitals and performances, and so much more. If you use video professionally, video editors can work magic on your TV commercials, short or full-length films, vlogs (video blogs), documentaries, web videos, and music videos. Video editing also allows your social media clips to shine. You can have cinema-quality highlight reels that showcase your wedding or your company’s services. Create mini-commercials for Facebook and Instagram, or have a video editing pro edit together highlights from your best Facebook Live feeds for an informational clip to use on the front page of your company’s website.

Video editors can work with source clips ranging from as short as 30 seconds to many hours of raw footage. The job of the video editor is to sort through all footage, weeding out unnecessary components and weaving together the best elements to tell a compelling story — such as your honeymoon in the Maldives or a pitch for major funding for your internet startup. Technically, video editing solely refers to cutting and clipping together different parts of video footage. But the term is used broadly to include a wide range of post-production services including assembling video footage into a final piece; adding chapters and menus to a video; creating motion graphics such as titles, logos and name cards; adding in voice-over and music; adjusting brightness, contrast and color; stabilizing images; and much more. If you are ready to take your social media to the next level, or make your family reunion home video shine as the perfect holiday gift for the family, here are the factors that affect the average cost of video editing.

Length of video

One of the main factors in video editing cost is length. This includes both the desired length of the final video and the length of your original footage. If you only want a three-minute highlight reel from your son’s dance recital, but you want it created from a two-hour recording of the entire performance, the pro must spend valuable time sorting through footage and using a trained eye to choose the best parts. The more source material (original video footage) you have to be edited, the higher your video editing costs will be. In addition, the longer the finished product, the higher the final cost will be because post-production tasks including color adjustment and image stabilization also take time.

Type of video

Additional factors in video editing costs include how polished you want the piece to be and how many additional features you want to include. Video editing prices depend entirely on the outcome you want. Think about your audience when determining what features to include, and communicate with your video editor to receive professional feedback on what details might be needed. For example, if this is a home video of your kids over the years, you may not need total perfection with things like blemish removal, color correction or multiple voice-overs. However, if you are editing a commercial for your company to be used online or on TV, you’ll want each second of that 60- to 90-second video to be impeccable. Final costs will increase for more complex projects and higher final production values.

Video editing add-ons

Your production value — how polished you want your video to be — is often determined by the number of add-ons you choose to include. In addition technical video editing (cutting and splicing film clips together), professionals can add graphics, create chapters and menus, and provide voice-over and music overlays for the final product. The more added elements, the higher the total cost. It’s helpful to consider exactly what you want the final product to be like, whether you want your wedding video highlight reel to be perfect or are making a commercial spot for social media that may garner millions of views. For commercial projects, investing in a more polished outcome can bring you a greater return on your investment. Here are a few examples of add-on costs:

Full production of video

If you are starting a new video project from scratch, such as recording a conference your nonprofit is hosting or filming a local TV commercial for your housecleaning company, you may want to turn every detail over to the pros. When clients request full video production services, the video production company handles every aspect of a project from start to finish, including concept development, scriptwriting, voice-over, filming, lighting, audio, editing and post-production.

Not surprisingly, full video production services cost much more than basic video editing of footage you provide. The video production pro is creating something from nothing on your behalf, working with you to transform your concept into a fully formed commercial, video, film or documentary. You are paying not only for the video editor’s time and skills, but for lighting, sets and staging, videography work, story creation, and much more. For a smaller production you may just be working with one to three people for this process, but for a large-scale video production you may need an entire crew. Depending on what you need, how long your film is, and the extent of your post-production edits, costs could range from under $1,000 to many tens of thousands of dollars.


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